It Takes a Village

Staying connected to our community, especially within the arts and education, is one of our studio's priorities. Whether it's speaking engagements, participating on boards, writing for publications, teaching young creative talent, or participating in arts events, for over 20 years we've been actively involved in our community.

Local Farmstand

Over the past decade consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of local, sustainable farming. Early in the movement we helped growers, farmers, and farm stands reach this evolving market through branding, advertising, and online marketing. Today we are still committed to helping others connect with these valuable local resources.


Each year our designers volunteer as movie poster design instructors for CampFlix. We are honored to be part of a camp that teaches kids about the power of teamwork and the creative process.

Café Chocolate

Often we are approached by independently-owned local businesses to create something unique for them. They may not have a budget for a big rebranding campaign, but they can do something with the limited resources that they do have. We've created lots of t-shirts for local companies to use as employee "uniforms", to promote business, and to give away at events. When done right, it generates customer loyalty and creates a walking billboard. Ask us how we do it.

Oak Groove Festival

Actively participating our local community and helping promote local artist is one of our passions. We developed branding, logos, banners, posters and t-shirts to promote this event. Even a video. Our hands also got dirty helping set up the festival and assisting vendors.

Persuasion Bureau founder Scott Banks served as a board member for the festival's inaugural year helping make a local community's vision a reality.


It’s Said “You Are What You Eat”

As knowledge of the importance of food quality grows, SlowFood remains one of the world leaders in the movement. Founded by Carlos Petrini as a grass roots organization, it has grown to over 200 local chapters in the U.S. alone. We worked with the Atlanta Chapter to create collectible event posters, menus, cook books, and their website.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

Taking Care of Business

Remaining engaged in the local design business community has always been important for us. Persuasion Bureau founder Scott Banks worked with other design community leaders to help Atlanta grow from only having about 10 design business listing in the phone book 30 years ago, to the vibrant community it is today supporting over 200 local, national and international design firms. As president of BAD Studio, he built an internationally recognized design firm that allowed Atlanta based Fortune 500 companies to produce their "more creative" projects locally versus sending them to cities like LA and New York. He also attracted regional and national companies to send work to his firm in Atlanta. As one national client who usually worked with New York studios once said, "Who'd of thought we'd be sending work to Atlanta." As a leader he emphasized an individualized unique creative approach in place of often bland large-scale corporate marketing. Though this approach is less profitable, knowing he was helping smaller local businesses grow and keeping young designers enthusiastic about their careers, makes it worth it.


Sustainable Farming & Locavore Movements

Farming is hard work. Small scale, sustainable farming is even harder. The farmers of Love is Love Farm (Judith & Joe) know this. But to them it's more than just work to them. It's their passion. From growing vegetables for local farm-to-table restaurants, to educating children about the importance of biodiversity they are one of the cornerstones of our local community. As designers, we were honored to develop a logo for such a worthwhile endeavor.


Advocacy & Giving Back

Our passion for advocating equality defines a large part of who we are as a company. Whether it's working on international projects for CARE, national projects for OCCUPY, statewide projects for QCC, or local projects for equal rights organizations, we are committed to making the world a better place for all. Out on Film is Atlanta's LGBT film festival and part of the Atlanta Film Society. We helped them develop an online presence to market their event and communicate with members.