Portfolio: Package Design

Adult Swim

“Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special” DVD Packaging

What happens when the zombie hordes and our favorite characters of The Walking Dead become gummy, 8-inch stop-motion animated puppets? If Robot Chicken is at the wheel, it's bound to be something interesting.

We took the creative direction developed by [adult swim] for the The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who’s Walking marketing campaign as a jumping off point. Then we visually expand upon it making use of the it's inside jokes and buckets of rubbery, stop-motion animated, fake-blood for the final design.

Diet Cherry Coke

Rebranding, Package Design & In-store Displays

When the Coca-Cola Company wanted to shift the target audience of Diet Cherry Coke away from older and middle-aged consumers to twenty-somethings they called us. Being experts in the visual language of pop-culture and knowing how to present it in mass-marketing format, we created a distinct, edgy new visual look for the Diet Cherry Coke packaging. It was so successful that we were further contracted to develop in-store marketing materials, look-books, and a brand style guide.

Blue Q

BALLS Bath Products

What do you get when you combine witty, pop-culture irreverence with high-quality specialty retail products? Blue Q, of course. The Pittsfield, MA based company recruits award-winning artists and designers to tap into the pop-culture zeitgeist for product concepts, as well as art and design for its retail products. We've helped them develop several retail concepts currently available in stores, as well as packaging for BALLS bath products.

OshKosh B'Gosh

Tags &Product Labeling

When Oshkosh B'gosh wanted us to design their new product labeling for their Heritage Collection, they came to the right place. We know how to capture the aesthetic of a time period yet still maintain a contemporary vibe. We immersed ourself in the history of the brand to bring their core values and unique heritage to a modern fashionable visual solution.

Cartoon Network

How to Train Your Dragon

For DreamWorks/Cartoon Network's "How to Train Your Dragon" we designed a media kit box for their PR materials, screener DVD, and a toy dragon. The box was based "The Book of Dragons," a key element used by the show's main character.

We produced the large box to make it look like the book used in the TV show. The interior of the box was illustrated with beautiful illuminated manuscript style dragons.

Adult SWim

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law

What does a superhero do when he makes a career change. Become a lawyer. of course. Sure he's still fighting for justice, but now it's in the courtroom not on the streets.

To capture the absurdity of the Adult Swim series, we designed the three box sets for the complete Harvey Birdman series to look like leather bound law books, but each having an irreverent twist: a doodled-in law book, a "dummies-guide" for law school, and a trashy law magazine.

The on-screen DVD navigation further incorporated the absurdity of the show featuring everything from quirky, messy desks to embarrassing office party photos.


Bakugan DVD Collection

Bakugan was a huge hit for Cartoon Network. We designed all of the packaging and onscreen navigation for all four season's DVD releases.


Mmmmm, Beer.

Sometimes small projects can be big winners. This project was designed for a wedding where the bride and groom brewed their own specialty beer at a local craft brewery. Even working within the limits of two-color printing and standard label materials to keep costs low, we created an international award-winning package design. Let us design your beverage packaging to help you get the recognition your products deserve.


Caffeinds Product Line

Often when companies start owners produce all branding and artwork themselves, or use a patchwork of friends and freelancers to do it. But as their business grows, they find they need to more efficiently allocate time and resources. This is when they usually turn to reliable design and branding professionals. We are a perfect fit for this next step. We are a small agency with both specialty and big-brand experience. We can take products and services to the next level and support them when they get there. We produce innovative and exciting solutions that speak to the ways customers define themselves. The Caffeinds packaging illustrates how we helped a small, local coffee shop go from hand stamped and stickered bags to a professional, retail-savvy brand sold in their store and online.

Cartoon Network

“Adventure Time” Specialty DVD Packaging

To reward the fandom and celebrate the success of Cartoon Network's hit show "Adventure Time" (plus sell some DVDs), Cartoon Network created a limited-edition DVD that included a fleece hat like what the show's protagonist wears. We worked on developing and producing the packaging as well as the DVD title screens.


10th Anniversary “Essentials” DVD Packaging

To celebrate Turner Classic Movies' 10th anniversary we were hired to design a commemorative package and book for three select titles from their "Essentials" series. The collectors' packaging included: a specialty metallic paper slipcase, which was embossed, foil-stamped and die-cut; an inside sleeve with key movie images; three special-edition DVDs; and a booklet about the production and significance of each movie.

DVD Collection

DVD Collection

We've designed lots of DVD packages. Lots! Many are award-winning designs as well. But we don't stop at the box. We also design on-screen navigation and marketing campaigns. Now that's a complete package.

Pennington Seed

Something to Tweet About

As part of the team for Central Packaging & Design, we illustrated and designed new packages for the Pennington wild birdseed product line to be sold in Lowes and Home Depot stores.