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Pickle Rick Giveaway Website

We've all tried to turn ourselves into a pickle to get out of family counseling, right? OK, maybe just Rick and me. But the next best thing to being a pickle is having a hand-made, life-sized (pickle-sized, actually), Pickle Rick action figure to take on all your inter-dimensional adventures.

To make this possible, we put together an animated website for your chance at the big (once again, pickle-sized, actually) prize. We love you too.

Camp Flix

Summer Camp Website

Camp Flix is one of a kind. It's one of the few camps in the US that is 100% dedicated to film-making for kids 11-17. It's taught by film-making professions who work on everything from independent films to Hollywood features. You might expect this in LA or NYC, but ATL is becoming such a large movie production town it started here.

Camp Flix is the vision brought to reality by Tom Karsch, who has been involved with the media and entertainment industry for over 25 years. Partnering with CampusMovieFest, another unique Atlanta based film-making organization, Camp Flix has the resources to provide campers with the tools needed to make a movie and premier it in one week.

We teamed up with Camp Flix to redesign their website which was in serious need of a makeover. (Not our words, the client's.) We moved their site away from a dated, hand-coded structure to a flexible WordPress page building platform allowing for ease of edits and expanded marketing capabilities.

If you have kids interested in film-making, or they're just creative in nature, this camp is perfect for them. Check out their site at www.campflix.com.


Geeking out at Comic-Con

For three years we've animated and built Adult Swim's Comic-Con website. In 2018 we raised the bar to include design and management of a daily email camapign so Comic-Con attendees could stay up to date with all that is Adult Swim.

CLICK HERE to see the 2016 site

CLICK HERE to see the 2017 site

CLICK HERE to see the 2018 site

Cartoon Network

PR Websites

With over 30 years experience, we've seen PR & media kits evolve from simple typed press releases and logo sheets, to over-the-top promotional items, to highly-interactive online tools. But one thing has always remained constant for us - great creative and pixel perfect production. With Cartoon Network's PR site and online media kit, we expanded upon their initial concept art and branding designing and developing a custom coded online tool where visitors from the media can access marketing materials and program content.


Qualtiy Care for Children

Online Annual Report

For the past 6 years we have created both printed and online versions of the Quality Care for Children annual report to help support their mission of providing quality early education for Georgia children.


Community Q

Community Q BBQ Website

Making great BBQ is like making great design. It's about passion and commitment. For over 10 years Community Q BBQ has been feeding the masses "until the meat runs out." We were happy to be there when they started.


PR Websites

When Flash was finally pronounced dead, we rebuilt Adult Swim's old Flash websites using HTML5 and CSS3 to maximize the functionality of modern web browsers. By using j-query and HTML/CSS animation, we created secure, responsive, mobile-friendly sites that emulated the same animated content of the original Flash sites.



Helping Parents Find Quality Summer Camps

To help parents more efficiently find summer camps for their children, ALL-GA-KIDS hired us to design and create a searchable website for over 90% all of the quality-certified summer camps in Georgia. Parents can input camp types like arts or sports, demographics, and location to find camps nearby that meet their needs.


Quality Care for Children

WordPress is a powerful tool. But for many larger organizations the templates available do not fit all of their needs adequately. For Quality Care for Children we designed and developed a custom WordPress template to fit their needs.

Click here to visit the site.

Artifice Club Newsletter

Great design is nothing without great code making it sing. At Persuasion Bureau we're known for great design, like this steampunk newsletter, but our secret weapon is great digital production. We can seamlessly carry a brand from print, to online, to mobile having it feel "native" to each platform.

Click here to view newsletter.

Jurassic Arts

Often template based website systems like SquareSpace can be overwhelming to set up. Even if you figure that part out, the key to making a website standout is great design and consistent photography that is consistent with your brand. From photography to graphics we can help set up a standard template to make it beautiful and functional. Or if you need something special, we can custom code for SquareSpace, Wix and WordPress.

Click here to visit the site.