Where’s the Remote?

We're known for on-trend design solutions. For over 20 years we've been working with the TV and cable industry to create everything from marketing materials, to DVD collections, to props used in hit TV shows. Our client list includes Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, National Geographic Channel, The Weather Channel, Adult Swim, TBS, and Turner Classic Movies.


Millennial Insomniacs Wanted

Reaching young adults with absurd, irreverant, and bizarre late night programming might sound easy, but explaining why it's cool to adults, not so much. Sure rating help, but getting marketers/advertisers on the same page using the irreverant on-air tone can be challenging. But we got this. We've created B2B marketing materials as well as consumer facing marketing and products that make both sides join hands and sing "Kumbaya." Some people say we get it. I guess we do. Some ask us what our secret is. To be honest, there isn't one, unless "secret" means listening to clients and immersing yourself in their brand.


In The News

Today's 24/7 news cycle seems ubiquitous, but CNN was the first. We've helped them celebrate milestones along the way and reach new audiences.

Cartoon Network

The Kids Are Alright

Children's television is anything but kid's stuff. Cartoon Network knows this. So do we. We've worked on all aspects of Cartoon Network's marketing, from branding, to B2B, to consumer marketing, to retail product development. Though they have an excellent in-house design and online department, we've been the go-to studio for design, packaging, and web when they need an outside vendor who "gets it." We've done everything from a complete roll-out campaign for a new property, to knocking out a simple production project when their internal creative department is overbooked.

National Geographic Channel

Building a Brand

As part of National Geographic Channel's new branding efforts, we applied the new branding guidelines to all print and outdoor consumer advertising.


Funny Business

We all need a good laugh sometimes, and TBS is the place to go for that. We've worked with TBS on multiple consumer marketing campaigns for comedy properties including "Friends," "Family Guy," and "Funniest Commercials." We've developed B2B marketing campaigns for launching network branding initiatives.

Turner Classic Movies

Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid

Being part of Ted Turner's vision to preserve and share classic movies with all generations on a commercial-free cable network was one of our most rewarding experiences as a design studio. Always reaching for the best in both on-air, online, and traditional marketing, their commitment to creative excellence sets the bar for great design.

Gospel Music channel

Can I Get An “Amen?”

Not all networks we've worked with are big. We've helped startups too. Because of our expertise, the Gospel Music Channel chose us as one of their design partners when launching their network in 2004. We developed everything from B2B communications to consumer advertising. We also developed marketing materials, event materials, and print/online advertising for their talent search series "Gospel Deam".


Making It Real

When we're not pushing pixels around, we like to get our hands dirty. We've created props for TV, custom-made boxes for marketing promotions, and installations for client events.

For "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals" we created steampunk background props for the set.