Portfolio: Food & Beverage

Spotted Trotter

Logo and Branding

This place is a meat market. Literally. We helped this local start up get up off the ground by designing their logo and consulting on all marketing materials including packaging, store design, signage, and website.

SlowFood Atlanta

Event Promotion & Posters

As the awareness of the importance of food quality and diversity grows, SlowFood is one of the world leaders in the movement. Founded by Carlos Petrini as a grass roots organization, it has grown to over 200 local chapters in the U.S. alone. We worked with the Atlanta Chapter to create collectible event posters, cook books, and their website.

Community Q

Community Q BBQ Website

Making great BBQ is like making great design. It's about passion and commitment. For over 10 years Community Q BBQ has been feeding the masses "until the meat runs out." We were happy to be there when they started.

Diet Cherry Coke

Rebranding, Package Design & In-store Displays

When the Coca-Cola Company wanted to shift the target audience of Diet Cherry Coke away from older and middle-aged consumers to twenty-somethings they called us. Being experts in the visual language of pop-culture and knowing how to present it in mass-marketing format, we created a distinct, edgy new visual look for the Diet Cherry Coke packaging. It was so successful that we were further contracted to develop in-store marketing materials, look-books, and a brand style guide.

Golden Corral

Rebranding of In-store Promotional Displays

For test marketing Golden Corral's new from scratch and prepared fresh daily foods we decided to hop in the wayback machine. It took us to a time where moms made mashed potatoes from scratch, grandma cooked Sunday dinner, and every pizza joint was local. Bold colors, snappy headlines, retro photos, and color hero food shots pulled it all together. Now that’s a fresh idea.


A Buzz-worthy Product Line

Often when companies start owners produce all branding and artwork themselves. Or they use a patchwork of friends and freelancers to do it. But as their business grows, they find they need to more efficiently allocate resources and delegate responsibilities. This is when they usually turn to reliable design and branding professionals. We are a perfect fit for this next step. We are a small agency with both specialty product and big-brand marketing experience. We can take products and services to the next level and support them when they get there. We produce innovative and exciting solutions that speak to the ways customers define themselves. The Caffeinds packaging illustrates how we helped an independent coffee shop go from hand stamped and stickered bags to a retail-savvy brand sold in their store and online.